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Tanzwerkstatt Europa 2022 from August 2nd to 12th in Munich with FELDENKRAIS

Feldenkrais Method: Benefits for Certain Disorders

In Parkinson's disease and chronic low back pain, the Feldenkrais Method could improve mobility and quality of life.  

A Feldenkrais Lesson for the Beginner Scientist: Professor Dorit Aharonov

Professor Dorit Aharonov will talk about how principles she had learned in her practice of body-mind methods, and the Feldenkrais method in particular, can be useful in an entirely different realm: doing scientific and mathematical research. By combining body study and movement with her own experience in scientific research, she suggests ways to overcome an obstacle with less force.

Our secret 6th sense: How we perceive our body 

FVD Feldenkrais Association Germany e. V

the professional association of FELDENKRAIS® teachers in Germany

International Feldenkrais® Federation (IFF)

 Find member organizations and read about the International Feldenkrais Federation.

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