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Functional Integration (FI)

One to one Class


What are movement patterns and how can they affect the body?

Every person has their own patterns when moving their body. These are shaped by various factors such as physical experiences, lifestyle, personality, and reactions to stress. These patterns are called habits: they are the ways we think, feel, sense and move on a daily basis. On the one hand, these habits help us easily carry out our everyday functions; without them we would have to think about every movement, even moving a finger. On the other hand, unfortunately, certain habits can limit physical abilities or lead to pain and even damage. 

How does FI help?

In an FI lesson, old movement patterns are gently interrupted and new ones are carefully introduced through a hands-on guide of new movement patterns. The introduction of these new movement patterns helps the body release tension and eases mobility as a whole. Very often these "new" patterns are actually "old" patterns, meaning that have been forgotten over time or unconsciously repressed. FI helps the body to "remember" these old patters so that it can return to its original ability to move. 

How does an FI lesson work?

The lesson takes place with students in a sitting/standing position or lying on a low table. Students are fully clothed in comfortable, unrestrictive clothing without shoes. Feldenkrais teachers approach students by beginning with a reflection on how they are currently organizing their body and actions. Teachers then continually suggest expanded possibilities for various movements, through a non-invasive, hands-on guide through movement patterns.


How is FI different from massages or physiotherapy?

When you get a massage or go to physiotherapy you are a patient undergoing a treatment. Rather than being a treatment, FI is a learning method with a therapeutic effect, making you a student instead of a patient. Unlike a massage or physiotherapy, which both focus on the joints, muscles and soft tissue by themselves, FI changes the body and its movements as a whole. This process of change is a process of learning.

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