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Awareness Through Movement

Group class


Every person has their own patterns when moving their body. These are shaped by various factors such as physical experiences, lifestyle, personality, and reactions to stress. These patterns are called habits: they are the ways we think, feel, sense and move on a daily basis. On the one hand, these habits help us easily carry out our everyday functions; without them we would have to think about how to carry out every movement, even moving an arm or turning your head. On the other hand, unfortunately, certain habits can limit physical abilities or lead to pain and even damage. FELDENKRAIS® Awareness through Movement provides a safe space for self-directed learning where we can challenge our habits to approach movement with new ease.


How does the lesson work?

Various movements are carried out gently and attentively starting from different positions (sitting, standing, lying down, etc.). Instead of demonstrating these movements, I will verbally guide you through the class.


Why aren't the movements demonstrated?

The Feldenkrais Method wants to avoid giving students the idea that there is a correct or ideal way to perform an action. This encourages us to relearn our movements as we did naturally, instinctively, playfully and joyfully during the first five years of our lives. Though it may feel unfamiliar at first, the discoveries that are made are long lasting. Relearning these movements consciously helps us become more aware of our body, which enables us to organize it as a whole.

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