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“I knew who I was this morning,
but I've changed a few times since then.”

 "Alice in Wonderland"


Mu-Yi Kuo head shot(467KB).jpg

Having been a professional contemporary dancer for the past 30 years, dealing with injury and experiencing pain has become part of my daily life. This self-image I had on my body’s ability which I thought would never change, began to shift as I came into contact with Feldenkrais.

Feldenkrais introduced me to a way to decode myself, to do things differently in order to gain the easiness and comfort: It shook off the deep-rooted idea I had of how my body functions and what it can do. As I started to walk easier, run lighter and turn smoother, my mind began to experience simplicity.

My wish of wanting to share the idea, that life can be easy if we learn how to create choices for ourselves, led me to sharing the experience of Feldenkrais.


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